Owner of dangerous dog that severed woman’s finger escapes jail

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The owner of a pack of dogs, which severed a woman’s finger during a vicious attack, has avoided an immediate prison sentence.

Victim Philippa Wood was out walking her dogs - Noddy, five, and Coco, six - at Southowram Cricket Club on Thursday, March 27, when they were attacked by the two Lurchers and two Jack Russells.

Bradford Crown Court heard that the victim came to the aid of Noddy who was “getting ripped apart” by the dogs owned by defendant Ross Kyte.

Miss Wood managed to pick Coco up in her arm but the two Lurchers and two Jack Russells reached Noddy before she could and attacked him.

Reading from Miss Wood’s victim impact statement, prosecutor Bronia Hartley said: “They were biting chunks out of him so I threw myself onto Noddy to protect him.

After she jumped on Noddy, the dogs continued the attack and Miss Wood said she felt a searing pain in her left index finger and looked down to see blood pouring out and the top of her finger gone.

“I could see Noddy on the floor with flesh hanging off him,” she said.

Kyte approached his dogs who were attacking Noddy at the time and screamed, kicked and punched the dogs before he left the scene.

Miss Wood spent three days in hospital due to her injuries.

The bone in her finger had to be shaved down before the skin had to be pulled over the top of the finger.

Noddy was taken to the vets by one of the victim’s neighbours but died days later due to injuries sustained in the attack.

Defending Kyte, Kenneth Green said: “Kyte appreciates the pain and suffering that the victim went through and is still suffering.”

The dogs that attacked Miss Wood and her two dogs were given away after the incident by Kyte.

Police have yet to locate any of the dogs involved in the attack, but investigations have revealed that one of them has since attacked and killed another dog.

Recorder Peter Babb, who sentenced Kyte to eight weeks in jail, suspended for two years, said: “On March 27 you were in charge of four dogs that were dangerously out of control in a public place which killed a beloved dog and injured Philippa Wood.

“I have serious concerns that these dogs will do this again but I do accept that we were not able to find the dogs.”

Kyte was also ordered to pay £3,600 compensation, carry out 240 hours of unpaid voluntary work and was disqualified from owning a dog for two years.