New police call centre to focus on Calderdale

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CALDERDALE now has its own police call centre. Operating from Halifax Police Station, it will deal purely with incidents and calls from the Calderdale area, including Brighouse.

This means that callers will now be speaking to someone who knows and works in the area.

Calls used to be dealt with by the dispatch centre in Bradford but as from Monday the control room has been working alongside front line officers as part of the same team, rather than remotely from each other.

Acting Chief Inspector Derrick Oldham, for Calderdale Division, said: “This will allow them to work together more closely and share local knowledge to help improve the service.

“The public should feel reassured that calls are being dealt with by someone who knows and works in their area and who understands their local issues.

“Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to improve our response and provide a better quality of service for our local communities but it gives Police in Calderdale more accountability and responsibility about how we respond to those calls.”

As well as improving customer service, the move will provide the Force with further efficiencies as part of its measures to meet budget restrictions.

It coincides with the previously planned upgrade of some of the Force’s critical IT and telephony systems.

Acting Chief Inspector Oldham said: “All local calls for service will now come to a central point of contact here in Halifax where staff that have knowledge of the area will be able to make appropriate decisions and respond to local priorities.”