New campaign aims to outlaw bad behaviour

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour will not be tolerated, according to police chief, Inspector Mohammed Nawaz.

As part of a new campaign extra officers will be patrolling hotspots in the Lower Valley area to help combat the issue which can impact on the whole community.

Officers from the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team will be out in the area over the weekends especially during the summer engaging with youngsters and speaking with their parents if they are acting in an anti-social way.

Inspector Nawaz, who heads the team, said anti-social behaviour is a major concern for residents.

“It can have an impact on residents particularly the elderly who sometimes don’t feel safe to walk on their own in the neighbourhood,” he said.

“The number of incidents of anti-social behaviour in the Lower Valley are below average but we do recognise that it is distressing and my staff will be investigating everything that is reported to us.

“My appeal to parents is to make sure they know what their children are up to and what they are doing, where they are hanging around because it is their community that it is having an impact on.

“The police do recognise that the majority of young people are very law-abiding. It is just a few that are spoiling it for everyone.

“If any residents know who these few youths are that are causing problems in the area then tell us so we can take action.”

If you have problems with anti-social behaviour speak to police on 01484 405251.