New bid to stamp out purse dipping menace

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POLICE are taking positive action to stamp out the menace of purse dipping in Brighouse.

Officers from the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team have been patrolling the town centre streets in a bid to prevent the elderly from becoming victims of heartless thieves.

They say there is always a noticeable increase in the number of incidents on the run up to Christmas as the dark nights approach.

As part of the initiative officers have been promoting and raising awareness about purse dipping. They have been visiting charity shops in the town and speaking to the vulnerable, as well as handing out purse clips, a small device which connects the purse to the handbag.

PC Gemma Brett, from the Lower Valley team, said: “It is just about promoting ways or making sure bags and purse are safe and educating people.”

Police are warning people to be aware of others immediately around them, to put their purse in a front pocket rather than in a bag, keep their handbag in front of them so it can be seen at all times, avoid carrying large amounts of cash, keep cash cards separate from cheque books and pin numbers and report incidents straight away.

On November 5 shortly after 11am a 93-year-old woman who was shopping in Brighouse had her purse taken.

PC Krissy Catlow, of Calderdale Police, said older members of the community were often the most vulnerable to this type of offence.

“I would like to remind people to keep an eye on their possessions at all times, Don’t make it easy to become a victim yourself.

“Simple preventative measures really can stop these crimes from happening.”