Lightcliffe man told to expect a prison sentence after jury finds him guilty of sexual offences

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A Lightcliffe faith healer has been told to expect a prison sentence later this month when a judge sentences him for sexually molesting three female patients who came to his home for treatment.

Former traffic warden George Boak had denied abusing the women, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, but after a four-day trial at Bradford Crown Court a jury found him guilty on two charges of sexual assault and one of indecent assault.

During the trial the jury heard evidence of Boak’s “healing” abilities and even one of his victims said he had “the gift”.

But Judge Jonathan Rose said the 70-year-old, of Aysgarth Avenue, had breached the trust placed in him by the complainants - one of whom was completely naked during her treatment.

Boak had suggested during his evidence that a phenomenon known as “phantom hands” could have explained why two of the complainants believed he was touching them indecently, but after the jury returned their unanimous verdicts the judge described the evidence against him as overwhelming.

Judge Rose said Boak’s behaviour amounted to a serious breach of trust and could be described as “utter depravity”.

Boak’s barrister Michele Stuart-Lofthouse asked for her client’s sentence hearing to be adjourned so that further information about his wife’s circumstances could be provided to the court and although Judge Rose agreed to the adjournment he refused to grant the defendant bail in the meantime.

Boak, who showed no emotion as he was taken into custody, will be sentenced on June 28.

Prosecutor Michael Smith indicated that there would be an application for a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) against Boak which could mean he would only be able to practice as a healer in future under supervision.

The details of the SOPO will be finalised at the next hearing and Boak will also find out how long he will have to register as a sex offender with the police.