How we tackle your top issues

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When I ask people about the issues that matter to them at ward forums or at meetings, road safety and traffic issues are the common themes that affect all ward areas.

Road safety covers a variety of complaints such as inconsiderate parking, speeding, use of mobile phones, general inconsiderate driving, and driving that causes a danger to others and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

While some view such matters as being minor and of little importance, an overwhelming majority feel it has an impact on their day-to-day lives and can impact how safe they feel. For some, the consequences can mean loss of health and life.

Of course, road safety incidents are not necessarily endemic across West Yorkshire or even across our local area of Calderdale District - they can be related to a specific street corner, road or crossing. Local areas are looking to improve road safety through a programme that combines education, engagement, prevention and enforcement.

Road safety will only be improved by working in partnership. While the police can prosecute some offences, others are within the jurisdiction of local councils and some road safety issues could be better resolved through planning, the use of calming measures or the involvement of the highways authority.

It is important that I reassure you that my team work with local partners to find local solutions.

I want to reassure the residents of the Valley that your local Safer Cleaner Greener Team is tackling this problem head on.

The multi-agency team ,which consists of the council wardens, highways and casualty reduction, has plans that combat Road Safety issues.

As part of this plan we have days of action which include using the SID (Speed Indication Device) machine, This is used to gauge if there is a speeding problem on a specific road or location.

I have found that often residents perceive that there is a problem with speeding drivers when in reality there is no evidence to support this view.

The SID days of action allow us to monitor and record evidence.

The team then select areas which have a speeding issue to be enforced by my team and the casualty reduction speed cameras.

The issue of road safety is also a high priority for all my ward officers and forms part of their confidence and ward-based action plans.

These officers are trained to use speed guns and you will regularly see them conducting and enforcing speed checks on the Valley roads.

The officers also deal with parking complaints and specifically work with the local schools to ensure that pupils and members of the public can drive and walk safely around any bottlenecks.

If you have any concerns about road safety then please contact the Valley Neighbourhood Team at

By Inspector David Shaw