Crime dwindles as arrests are made

PC Liam Hay at the Cartwheel Youth Centre in Elland.'National Tackling Drugs Week
PC Liam Hay at the Cartwheel Youth Centre in Elland.'National Tackling Drugs Week

Police have reported a decrease in the number of crimes in the Brighouse area.

PC Liam Hay told people at the area’s ward forum that there has been a decrease from 133 offences to 120 in the last six weeks.

The number of burglaries has gone up from nine to 13. The majority of them have been in the Whinney Hill, and Rayner Road and Drive areas, but four people have been arrested on suspicion of burglary.

There has been a drop of two for burglaries of garages, sheds and industrial units and two people have been arrested in connection with a burglary at a shop in Lightcliffe Road and at another business premises.

There has been 12 damage reports.

Police have been taking positive action to combat the number of vulnerable vehicles being targeted by thieves. PC Hay said they were starting to leave police tickets on cars warning owners about potential thefts and they even waited for one owner to come back after they spotted a sat nav and a lap top in a vehicle which had its window down.

There has been five thefts of vehicles and one robbery. “We have charged one person for pushing over a lad and taking his mobile phone,” he said.

He reported 49 arrests and said there had been a decrease in the number of anti-social reports.

There was one racist incident at Brighouse bus station and inquiries are ongoing.

During the meeting he explained what actions the police took to prevent further burglaries in an area with the budget constraints. “If a burglar gets away with it there is a 99 per cent chance that they will come back again.

“One of the reasons for this is because some houses, especially the new builds have a similar layout so the burglar knows where he/she is going. What we are doing now is looking at facts and figures, increase the police presence and look at times when the burglaries are being committed and trying to catch them involved.

“But if people don’t up their security following a burglary then there is a chance they can get burgled again. Following a house burglary we visit 40 houses in that area, usually 10 either side, behind and in front, and ask if anyone has some anything and to inform them to increase their security.”

He spoke about Operation Viper where a team of officers are tasked with looking for people wanted by police. He said it was so they could catch criminals for the crimes they have committed as soon as possible.

There has also been an increase in graffiti in the town centre. Police have noticed tags appearing around door frames, shop windows and on walls. PC Hay urged anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously should contact police on 101.

There has been an increase in police patrols at Whinney Hill Park in Brighouse as they search for a wanted man.