Cops’ war on speeding

Police will be carrying out speed checks on one of Brighouse’s notorious accident spots eight times a month.

West Yorkshire’s Casualty Reduction Team has been increasing its presence on Halifax Road in a bid to combat speeding, a move that has been welcomed by councillors and members of the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee heard that the team will be doing checks along the busy road at least eight times a month at different points and times of the day.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said one thing he was concerned about was the amount of motorists who warned speeders. “I would urge people to stop flashing motorists coming down the other way about the police cameras and putting comments on Facebook and Twitter to warn people. It is a 30mph zone and they are breaking the law and surely it is better to stop motorists from speeding than to risk peoples lives.

“Students from Brighouse High School are not allowed to catch the bus down to the sixth form and surely we should be concerned about their safety and other pedestrians as they walk down the road and do our best to try to slow drivers down.”

He said there had been several compliments from people about the new pedestrian island near to Granny Hall Lane which had made it safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the road. “Putting up the bollards has also stopped vehicles from parking on the roadside causing huge improvements,” said Coun Stout.

“I am more concerned that I cannot get a traffic order at the junction of Granny Hall Lane to stop parking on the roadside and on peoples drives. The residents around there have also had enough and are looking at taking some kind of action themselves. At the moment motorists can park for about five minutes while they pop into the shop and we want to stop that.”

But vice chair of the group Pat Oates said she had received complaints about the pedestrian island saying it was in the wrong place. Councillor Stout replied: “It has taken more than two years to get it in there and I have had comments about how much safer people feel and how it is slowing drivers down allowing motorists to get out of the junction at Granny Hall Lane.”

PC Matt Sykes from the Lower Valley team said he was pleased there had been an increased police presence. “For us it was very difficult to find a suitable space to carry out the checks and be able to pull motorists over safely and issue a ticket whereas with the casualty reduction team the cameras record the number plate as well as the speed and the ticket is sent in the post.”