Concern over the speed of traffic at Rastrick crossroads

Speeding motorists will be targeted at the crossroads in Rastrick.

Concerns were raised at the areas ward forum about the speed of cars travelling through the lights at the Sun Inn crossroads, where New Hey Road, Dewsbury Road and Clough Lane meet.

Resident John Sheppherd said other neighbours and people have been telling him how frightened they are to cross the road by the lights. “It is very difficult to see at some points what is coming over the brow of the hill,” he said. “Some people think they have to speed up when they see traffic lights.”

Mags Bryson, Lower Valley neighbourhood co-ordinator from Calderdale Council, said: “During one of our days of action there were quite a number of cars speeding. We are going to look at it again and take more action.”

She also added that she will ask the highways department if any traffic light crossings and the timing of the lights can be changed making it easier for people to cross.

Officers from the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team are monitoring the speed along Dewsbury Road in three different spots and will continue to do so.