Concern over motorists speeding along the mad mile

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Major concerns have been raised over the speed of traffic in Highmoor Lane, Clifton, after motorists were caught exceeding the limit by nearly double.

Calderdale Council’s speed indication device and speed gun has recorded motorists travelling at 58mph in the 30mph zone driving towards Scholes and doing 53mph in the direction of Brighouse.

The results were taken between 7.30am and 9am on March 7 at the junction with Camm Lane. The results were taken in an area around 200 yards away from Towngate, the main road through Clifton, where motorists were also identified as travelling above the speed limit by SiD.

It is also about 200 yards from where the road opens up towards Scholes and turns into the national speed limit.

The 85th percentile, the standard measurement used by the Highways Agency and the police, for the direction towards Scholes was 44mph and in the opposite direction it was 39mph.

If the figures are above 35mph then police enforcement is recommended.

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said these figures were extremely worrying. “The camera has shown that the average speed in both directions is significantly above the 30mph limit.

“The highest recorded speed was 58mph which is very concerning given the amount of children and elderly residents living in the area.

“Concerns have also been expressed by local residents with relation to the speed of vehicles on Towngate close to the village school.

“I am asking the police and Council to continue to work together to monitor the speed of vehicles in this area and will arrange a meeting with local residents to consider how we can best tackle this situation.”