Campaigner calls for clamp down

TWENTY three drivers are still behind the wheel in Calderdale despite having 12 points or more on their licences.

Brighouse road safety campaigner Carole Whittingham who set up SCARD after her son Steven was killed by a drink-driver, has called for judges to clamp down on dangerous drivers and said the prospect of motorists losing their job should have no impact on magistrates’ decisions in court.

“It’s absolutely appalling. I’m disgusted by the figures. This sends out completely the wrong message that anybody can break the law but just get away with it and be free to do it again.

“These people have made a conscious decision to do what they did but they should have thought about possibly losing their job before that.

“Anybody who accrues these points should be sent on a rehabilitation course and given the appropriate ban.”

One driver from Calderdale has 18 points on their licence after committing five separate speeding offences but has not received a driving ban.

Franki Hackett, campaigns officers from Brake, said: “It is outrageous these individuals are allowed to continue driving. It’s time for the government to get tough with these selfish, irresponsible and potentially deadly drivers.”