Build to protect heritage

Coun Colin Stout in Bracken Road, Brighouse.
Coun Colin Stout in Bracken Road, Brighouse.

A stone wall that was endangering the safety of people has been restored.

Thieves had been stealing Yorkshire stone from sites in Brighouse - particularly the wall on Bracken Road.

The damage got to the stage that the wall was down to path level revealing a 20 foot drop at the other side.

However, through the work of Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse), Calderdale Council and the Lower Valley NPT, the wall has been restored and built in a way to prevent further thefts

Councillor Stout said: “The theft of the Yorkshire Stone saw the wall get down to path level which was a danger to young mothers, children and elderly people as there is a 20 foot drop.

“The issue wasn’t only about safety but it was the theft of our heritage. The police did a fantastic job catching the culprits.

“If anyone has any concerns about stone thefts they should contact the police as we don’t want these people getting away with it.”