Brighouse drug addict mum in “stupor” at home with kids

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A mum has been sentenced for child neglect after being found in a drug-induced “stupor” at her home in the Brighouse area.

The 33-year-old mum-of-four, who cannot be named to protect the identities of her children, had left a syringe containing heroin on a table and other Class A drugs on a mantelpiece while her five-year-old son was downstairs in the house.

Two older children were apparently upstairs when a social worker called at the family home in August 2012.

It is understood that it was the five-year-old child who had to let the social worker into the home.

At a previous hearing before the Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas QC the woman admitted offences of child neglect in relation to her son and possessing small quantities of heroin and cocaine.

During a short sentencing hearing at Bradford Crown Court today (Wednesday) Judge Thomas said the woman had struggled to take proper care of her then three children and they had in fact been taken from her following another drug-related incident in 2008.

On that occasion the then baby boy was admitted to hospital where tests showed that he had consumed some methadone.

It is understood the children were returned to their mother in 2010, but they were again taken away temporarily in the months prior to the latest incident in 2012.

Prosecutor Caroline Wigin confirmed that all the defendant’s children had subsequently been removed from her and it was not envisaged that they would be living her again.

Judge Thomas told the woman that it was in everybody’s interests that she should turn her life around, particularly in respect of her drugs misuse.

He said the social services had made a visit to her home in 2012 and found her badly affects by drugs.

The judge said the mother was basically in a stupor and there were some drugs lying about the house.

“None of the children were in fact hurt but they were clearly exposed to an unsatisfactory position,” said Judge Thomas.

“You’re a classic example of how somebody’s life can literally be ruined by drugs misuse.”

Judge Thomas said he was prepared to make a 12-month community order which included a six-month drug rehabilitation requirement, but he stressed that she would have to engage with the probation service.

He warned the woman that she could end up getting sent to prison if she breached the requirements of the order which include regular drug tests.