Batman unmasked - caped crusader who handed wanted man into Bradford police station is Chinese delivery driver from Wyke

Caped crusader Stan Worby, from Wyke, who delivered a wanted man to a Bradford police station.
Caped crusader Stan Worby, from Wyke, who delivered a wanted man to a Bradford police station.

The crime-fighting Batman who shopped a wanted man to cops has been unmasked as a 13-stone grandfather-of-four from Wyke who admits he doesn’t exercise - and only walks as far as his house to his car.

Superhero Stan Worby, 39, was revealed as the caped crusader who took the wanted man to Trafalgar House Police Station in Bradford, last Monday.

Caped crusader Stan Worby, from Wyke, who delivered a wanted man to a Bradford police station.

Caped crusader Stan Worby, from Wyke, who delivered a wanted man to a Bradford police station.

Today, the father-of-five has told how he really did fight crime - after convincing his 27-year-old mate to hand himself into West Yorkshire Police who were searching for him.

Stan, whose Batmobile is actually a silver Vauxhall Astra, revealed this is the first time he’s ever worn a fancy-dress outfit - and never would have unmasked himself had it not been for the attention as he thought it would have been better left a mystery.

The chinese food delivery driver, still wearing his distinctive costume, which he picked up from Argos for just £25, admitted: “I’m no superhero. I eat kebabs. I never run anywhere. The furthest I walk is from my house to my car.

“I’ve never done fancy dress before, it’s not my thing.

“So for this to happen the first time I dress up, I just can’t believe it.

“I thought it was just a bit of fun. I didn’t really want people to find out it was me. When I realised it was all over the news I thought it would be better if Batman’s identity stayed a mystery.

“Me and my mates decided to dress up for Wembley when we got our tickets for the League Cup final. The theme was superheroes. I was Batman, another was Robin, another was Zorro, and for some reason, another mate was a monkey.

“The day before we’d been to Wembley I’d been trying to convince my friend to hand himself in. The police had been all over the estate trying to find him and it was a load of hassle for anyone who knew him.

“I told him to just get it over with, hand himself in, and then he knew what he was facing.

“The next day when I was down at Wembley for the final he rang me.

“We’d set off for Wembley about 8am and arrived in London about half 12. We were walking around, taking it all in. A few of my mates were drinking but I don’t drink so I wasn’t.

“My friend rang me and asked me to take him to the police station.

“I told him of course I would but I was at Wembley. He asked what time I would be back and I said I would let him know.

“It was a great day, even though Bradford lost we were the better crowd. It was great to be part of.

“I was just getting home when he rang again, about midnight. He asked me again.

“I still had the costume on. I thought to myself, why not, it would be funny to take him in wearing this.

“I knew he would be feeling a bit down about things, so I thought it would lighten the mood. I was going for moral support.

“He said to me, ‘you’re not wearing that are you?’ I told him: ‘I am, and I’m going to ask for a medal’.

“He said ‘I dare you’, so it was more of a dare then. I thought it would be a laugh.

“Me and my wife Mandy got in my Astra and took him to the police station.

“When we got there, Mandy waited in the car while I walked in with him.

“The copper started laughing when he saw me. I told him ‘I’m the caped crusader. I’ve brought you a criminal. You’ve been looking for him for weeks’.”

After checking there was a warrant for the man, the police arrested him, and the friends said their goodbyes, shaking hands.

Stan said: “I got back into my car, went home and went to bed.

“The next day I forgot all about it, I put the costume in my wardrobe and didn’t think about it again - until I saw myself all over the news this week.

“I’ve been getting loads of phone calls, messages, Facebook friend requests from people I don’t even know. My grandkids have been watching me on TV. I can’t believe it.”

“I know a few people may have thought it someone really fighting crime in Bradford. But other people will have realised that it was just a joke,” he added.

“It’s a good piece of news when everything else is doom and gloom.

“But I do think Bradford could do with a superhero. Everywhere could do with a superhero.”