Alert as bogus callers target the vulnerable

PC Chris Madden of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team
PC Chris Madden of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team

Bogus callers taking advantage of vulnerable people have been targeting homes in Rastrick.

There has been several incidents in the area where items have been stolen after people posed as officials from Yorkshire Water and electricity companies to gain entry into the homes.

PC Chris Madden of the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team was warning residents at the area’s ward forum to be on the lookout and to follow safety advice.

He encouraged them to check for identification before allowing people into their homes.

If necessary residents should contact the company, organisation or charity that they claim to be from directly.

Anyone living near to a neighbour, friend or relative of an elderly or vulnerable person, is asked to be vigilant when it comes to bogus callers.

Here are a few tips:

Before you open the door, check to see who it is. Keep the door chain on if you do answer it.

Be wary of them distracting you such as asking for a drink of water or ask to come and check your taps.

Never hand out personal information, bank details or cash or feel obliged to provide this to someone you don’t know.

Be wary of doorstep callers saying you need work doing to your house or your drive that isn’t necessary - even if they tell you it is.