Crack down on queue jumpers

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RESIDENTS campaigning for road safety measures at Bramley Lane, Hipperholme, will raised their concerns at Thursdays ward forum for the area.

A number of residents from the area attended the meeting at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School to raise their concerns about the speed and volume of traffic travelling along the busy road - which is often used as a rat-run to avoid Hipperholme crossroads.

Calderdale Council’s speed indication device has been in operation along the road and results reveal that the average speed of motorists is between 30 and 32mph with some speeds travelling at a maximum of between 35 and 47mph.

Resident Roy Head said they decided to take action as a community rather than individuals. “I sent out 110 letters to residents up and down the lane and as a result I had 44 responses in favour of doing something about the speed and volume of traffic,” he said.

Results from the exercise carried out by the council showed an increase in the volume of traffic around early morning and late afternoon and Mr Head has been told of a number of near miss accidents, cars being damaged and cars mounting the pavement.

“The issue comes to what do we do about it,” said Mr Head, who is encouraging as many residents as possible to attend the meeting which starts at 7pm.

“I don’t see it to be our job to say what measures should be taken, we are not experts on traffic calming but want to suggest that something needs to be done and hopefully this could lead to a meeting with the residents about the options.”

Roger Simpson, who lives at Bramley Fold, said he was supporting the campaign. “There are a lot of residential properties in the area and a lot of children. There are two nurseries at the end of Bramley Lane and they are often walking the little ones down and you also get children walking to the schools in the area so we do really need to monitor the speed and restrict it as much as we can.

“The council has been up monitoring it with the device and we are grateful for what they are doing.”

Councillors are supporting the residents and agreed to raise their concerns with members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee. Coun David Kirton told members that out of peak times the traffic travelling along the 30mph road was going at ridiculous speeds. “We need some traffic calming measures up there whether speed warning signs or a chicane,” he said.

The committee has also shown its support for the cause.