Councillors’ pay down £23k

NEARLY £100,000 was paid to councillors in the Brighouse area during the last financial year.

Every councillor was entitled to a basic allowance of £9,930 during 2011/12 and three councillors also claimed travel and subsistence allowances.

These were Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) who claimed expenses of £12.90 bringing his total to £8,902.71; Councillor David Kirton (Con, Hipp/Light) claimed an extra £48.03, giving him a total of £9,978.99; and Councillor Chris Pillai claimed £30.56 giving him a total of £8,920.37.

The list published by Calderdale Council includes amounts paid to former councillors who are allowed to claim in arrears such as Joyce Cawthra and Craig Whittaker who both claimed £1,041.15.

Cabinet members, committee chairmen and women received extra responsibility allowances.

Councillor Colin Raistrick (Ind, Hipp/Light) received £5,430, bringing his total to £15,360.96 and Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) received an extra £985.35, giving him a total of £10,916.31.

Howard Blagbrough who represented the Brighouse ward as a Conservative was paid his basic allowance as was Councillor Christine Beal (Con, Rastrick), Councillor Graham Hall (Con, Hipp/Light) and Councillor Ann McAllister (Con, Rastrick).

The amount paid to Calderdale councillors and co-opted members went down by about £23,000 during the last financial year to £690,000 due to them accepting a five per cent pay cut.

Some councillors were paid for representing the council on outside bodies including Councillor Kirton received £11,624.

The highest amount went to the council leader at the time, Janet Battye (Lib Dem, Calder) who received £37,112 including a special responsibility allowance worth £27,181.

Councillor Tim Swift (Labour, Town) who took over as council leader in May this year, received a total of £23,537 including his special responsibility allowance of £13,590.