Councillors blast litter louts over mess left at graveyard

Rubbish at Brighouse Cemetery. Picture sent in by Sue Martin.
Rubbish at Brighouse Cemetery. Picture sent in by Sue Martin.

This shocking photograph shows the extent of mess and rubbish left by litter louts in the grounds of Brighouse


Concerned councillors have hit out at those tipping on the site, a problem which has blighted the peaceful grounds of the cemetery for a number of years.

Reader Sue Martin, who sent us the photograph, slammed the rubbish as “disgusting” and said the council needs to tackle the problem.

Conservative councillors for Brighouse, Scott Benton and Howard Blagbrough, say the problem lies in people dumping household items in the bin provided for cemetery waste. Calderdale Council has urged people to act responsibly to keep the cemetery clean and tidy and say offenders will face action.

“The main problem seems to be people dumping items here that are non-cemetery related,” Coun Benton said.

“We’ve seen laptops, sofas and televisions here over the years and the whole area has been taken over, people seem to dump household items in the bin because of its size.

“It gets filled so quickly and it has been an uphill battle. I think there’s an element that people see it as an easy way out.

“For a number of years we have been lobbying Calderdale’s Safer, Cleaner, Greener Team to empty the bins more often.”

Coun Blagbrough added: “It’s about respecting this place, as it should be.

“People have physically driven here with their items, and if they can do that then then they can drive to the household waste site close by.

“We are sending out a strong message that people need to dispose of their non-cemetery related items through the appropriate, relevant avenues.

“The council will come and collect large household items and if people are unable to find the cost, funds can be provided through the Nursing Endowment Fund.”

The councillors are now appealing for volunteers to come forward to help with the maintenance of the cemetery ground.

“We started a group last year and it got momentum and we’re hoping we can meet here on a regular basis with the potential of preventing people from dumping here,” Coun Blagbrough added

“We are appealing for people to help out as the site is large and it is an intensive job, We really need volunteers to support the council’s efforts and help keep on top of it.”

Andrew Pitt, Calderdale Council’s head of neighbourhoods, said: “We are aware that the bins are filling up more quickly in Brighouse Cemetery at the moment due to people using them for household waste and bulkier items.

“The bins are not intended for this purpose and we urge people to act responsibly by disposing of their waste appropriately.

“We do everything we can to keep our cemeteries clean and safe. This includes carrying out regular checks of the grounds and emptying all the bins on a weekly basis.

“However, we will continue to monitor the situation and empty the bins as necessary. We are working with the Council’s Environmental Health team to tackle the issue and deal with any offenders accordingly.”

If you would like to volunteer to help clean up the cemetery, contact Scott Benton on and Howard Blagbrough on