Council could strike deal with developer

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CALDERDALELE Council may sell off some of its assets by striking a deal with developers, Younger Homes.

The former Brighouse swimming pool, the car parks either side of it in Mill Royd Street, and Daisy Street car park could all soon be on the market.

The council has asked the three Brighouse ward councillors for their opinions about putting the sites up for sale because they are ‘surplus to requirements’.

Calderdale Council’s head of democratic and partnership services, Ian Hughes, said letters had been sent to all ward councillors, seeking their views on the proposal.

“No decisions have been taken and consultation with ward members is a standard procedure in all cases like this,” he said.

“The council has a legal duty to obtain the best possible price for the land and, in this case, that could mean a direct one-to-one transaction with Younger Homes, which owns adjacent land and has already indicated that it would wish to develop the site.

“Ward councillors have been asked to submit their views to the council by January 21.”

Selling off the land wouldmean the loss of 183 car parking spaces and the income they generate each year, both in car parking charges and the boost shoppers bring to the local economy.

Councillor Joyce Cawthra (Ind) has been talking to people to get their views on the proposal. “If the proposal went ahead we would lose nearly a third of our parking spaces in the town it would also mean the loss of some of the businesses in the area too,” she said.

She said she didn’t agree with opting for a one-to-one transaction with Younger Homes because they didn’t know how much the sale would realise at auction. Councillor Colin Stout (Ind) is against the sale of Daisy Street car park but said he had no problem with selling the baths or the car parks either side of it. He said he would be calling a meeting with the ward councillors and council officials to discuss the proposal.