Concern grows over Bradford Road parking

Bradford Road Brighouse
Bradford Road Brighouse

CONCERNS are being raised about the parking situation along Bradford Road, Brighouse.

Residents at Brighouse ward forum said they were concerned about the number of cars who were parking on both sides of the busy road especially from Wellholme Park up until the police station.

Some cars were reportedly parking close to pedestrian refuges and others were blocking in the police van.

Sergeant Dean Maddocks, who leads the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said they had started issuing tickets to people parking on the pavements.

He asked people to be mindful when parking close to the police station.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said there were no parking restrictions along the road from Wellholme Park to the police station.

“One side of the road is used by the residents who live on Bradford Road and the other is for people visiting the park and the pool,” he said.

“There are no restrictions until Bailiff Bridge along that road.

“It is an issue we really need to look at. Especially when we have had two accidents in recent years along that road and because of how successful the park has become. There is the extra car park on Thornhill Beck Lane which is now signposted and it has been resurfaced.

“We do need to look at alternative parking for Bradford Road. We have been in discussions with businesses in the area about parking in the past and spoken to residents about permits. But they didn’t want them and that can sometimes put pressure on the side streets as well.”

He said the new pool which opened in October 2010 had been a contributory factor to the problem.

According to a Freedom of Information request no tickets have been issued in Bradford Road by the police in the last five months and Calderdale Council has issued no tickets between the police station and Wellholme Park during the same period.

But ten tickets have been issued in Bradford Road but many of which were outside the banks in the town centre for parking on double yellow lines.

In June last year the Echo reported that 181 motorists were fined for parking in a keep clear section in just 12 months along Bradford Road close to Armytage Sykes solicitors. Although no tickets have been issued there recently the signs are still active and tickets can be given to motorists.