Competition winner cleans up with prize from Slator’s store.

I am sure some readers will remember Slator’s electrical shop in Commercial Street.

In more recent times the same shop has been occupied by The Card King and also as a carpet shop.

This lady is the lucky winner of a competition Slator’s had and the prize was this carpet cleaner which is being presented by the shop manager David Ullah. I suppose we all refer to this as ‘The Hoover’ irrespective of what the brand name is.

Ladies I am sure you will know that most if not all electrical appliances now have moulded plugs on. But how many men still cut the plug off and save it because ‘it might come in’? I bet a few readers have a draw or box full in the shed.

Slator’s moved into Brighouse c1998 and closed the shop c2004. The core business is still operating at its main shop Vision House, 21/23 Albion Street Cleckheaton.