‘Come back to support club’

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THE committee at a troubled Brighouse club is hoping that members will return to help secure the organisation’s future.

Members drifted away from Blakeborough’s Social and Sports Club, Bradford Road, when it became involved in a damaging rift over plans to sell off the bowling club section’s premises in Halifax Road.

The club’s problems deepened when its financial records became the subject of a police investigation. But, early in January, the club’s committee was cleared of allegations of fraud and theft - and it now wants to move on and put the past 12 months behind it.

Committee member Andy Taylor said: “We held an extraordinary general meeting to present the police report’s findings to the club’s members. They accepted the findings and agreed we should try and move the club forward after a difficult 12 months. It hasn’t been an easy time, with the police investigation hanging over us, but now we want to put it behind us and look to the future.

“Members drifted away for a variety of reasons and we want them to come back and support the club again. We need to find a way of securing the future of the club and members’ input will be vital to that. The club needs investment,” said Mr Taylor.

The meeting agreed to an increase in subscriptions to bring in more income. The club will also start opening again on Monday and Tuesday evenings for about three hours.

Though the police report cleared the club of allegations of criminal activity, it did point to factors which had led to the club’s decline.

The introduction of the smoking ban, the introduction of the minimum wage for staff, the ageing membership and high maintenance costs for the building are all thought to have an impact on the club’s financial health.