Chris’s challenge will be peak of his achievements

Chris Hurst will embark on a challenge to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks for Make a Wish.
Chris Hurst will embark on a challenge to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks for Make a Wish.
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For many, embarking on the Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge would prove difficult but it is going to be the toughest journey yet for a Brighouse teacher, who was born with his heart on the right side of his body.

Chris Hurst, 31, a teacher at Longroyde Junior School, has had major surgery on his heart eight times and will take on the challenge on August 12.

Since he was born, Chris has had a stent fitted to his left pulmorary artery, a stent to the occluded inferior vena cava, a Cavo Pulmonary Connection to redirect deoxegenated blood to the lungs and other serious surgeries.

As well as these life-changing surgeries, Chris has a condition calledDextrocardia, that means his heart is on the right side of his body and complex congential heart disease.

Despite his health conditions, having already beaten the odds, Chris has decided to fulfill a dream of his by giving back to Make a Wish, after they granted him a wish as a young boy to be the mascot for Oldham Athletic.

“I am looking forward to the challenge and raising money for such a great cause.

“I want to give back because I was luckily granted my own wish when I was younger.

“Due to my heart problem and poor circulation it will mean I will have pains in my legs and thighs through the walk because of a lack of oxygented blood. I will also be short of breath due to my heart not working as efficiently as normal hearts but I am determined to do it.”

After taking medical advice, Chris and his family will do the walk in 24 hours, instead of 12, and he will shorten the route by cutting out the walks inbetween the climbs to ease pressure on his heart.

Chris has raised over £470 so far. For more information on how to donate, view