Charity is given start-up boost by firms

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Alternative education non-profit EdShift has received a boost in their start-up phase thanks to support from local business Grinning Graphics.

Focusing on Key Stages two and four, EdShift will be delivering drama-based learning group workshops to create and inspire young people.

Using mixed media learning, their goal is to captivate and engage their students and promote a new kind of learning experience.

The community focused group has received support from Brighouse based branding and web design agency Grinning Graphics.

The team at Grinning Graphics, led by Kate Adamson, will be producing branding, marketing materials and a website to help with the set-up costs as the EdShift team engage with children and schools.

PR and Business development consultancy Discourse have offered their services.

Ellie Brook of EdShift said: “We’re incredibly grateful to the team at Grinning Graphics, and Kate in particular, for their help at such an important time for our non-profit.

“Costs are always steep in the beginning and having the assistance of the local business community means we can focus on what’s most important, the education.”

Through EdShift children will have new, innovative ways to learn about the academic essentials but also important social issues that may be difficult to cover in a classroom environment.

“Topics like creativity, empowerment and self-value are huge for a child’s development, but we can also address issues like mental health and domestic violence in an informal, friendly way,” added Ellie.

Kate Adamson, Director at Grinning Graphics, added: “Since I met Ellie a few months ago it was clear we had so much in common, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her setting up EdShift.

“I believe strongly that a business needs to start with the right branding image to gain exposure, loyalty from customers and integrity. We’re looking forward to our continued relationship and can’t wait to see how everything goes”.

EdShift have already set out ambitious plans for the coming years. By 2021 the non-profit is hoping to open their own Performing Arts School and a Youth Theatre Group to provide for disenfranchised children in Calderdale to learn and explore their creativity.