Cemetery cameras shelved

PLANS to install CCTV cameras at a Rastrick cemetery where there have been a spate of thefts from graves have been shelved.

The option of fitting Carr Green cemetery with battery powered cameras was being considered by Calderdale Council.

Many bereaved families have been left heart-broken by the mindless acts of vandalism caused to their loved ones’ graves by callous thieves who are taking plants, flowers and ornaments.

Police and Calderdale Council increased their patrols in the area but the culprit or culprits have not been caught.

However, residents at Rastrick ward forum were told that fixing a system would not be practical.

Mags Bryson, Calderdale neighbourhood co-ordinator, said that installing the CCTV would be unsuitable and that other options would be explored.

“We’ve looked at the idea of a covert system within the cemetery,” she said.

“However, the cost would be fairly high and there is a high risk of it being stolen or vandalised as the batteries can cost thousands of pounds and for installing them in a secure position.

“We intend to do another site visit and come up with other options and hold meetings with those who are being directly affected by the problems.”

There has been a catalogue of thefts from the cemetery in Rastrick on Carr Green Lane.

Among them was Justine Kelly who was left heartbroken after thieves targeted the grave of her three babies, who were stillborn.

Mary Burke who tends two graves at the cemetery was also distraught when bedding plants went from both her son’s and husbands graves and widow Gladys Harding had two lanterns stolen from her husband’s grave.