Cash saved for road repairs

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CALDERDALE Council has come off better than neighbouring local authorities over funding for road repairs.

While overall funding for highway maintenance in West Yorkshire has been cut by 16 per cent - the reduction in Calderdale is only approximately three per cent during 2011/12 when compared with the previous year.

Much of that, says Calderdale Council’s spokesman for economy and environment, Coun Barry Collins, is due to Calderdale sticking to the business of small scale infrastructure improvements, rather than expensive capital schemes.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet endorsed the draft local transport implementation plan for 2011-14, which outlines how much money will be spent on West Yorkshire’s transport network and how Metro and the five West Yorkshire councils will implement it.

Under the plan, during the next three years Calderdale will receive a provisional figure of just over £3.9million in 2011/12; £3.73million in 2012/13 and £3.54million in 2013/14 for highways maintenance.

In addition, the council is expected to receive £1.1million, £1.2million and £1million over the same three year period for improvements to public transport, addressing traffic congestion and a host of related schemes.

The three-year implementation plan is all part of the much larger West Yorkshire local transport plan, which will form the basis for all transport related investment in the county over the next 15 years and which is currently under development.

Councillor Collins said while nobody welcomed Government cuts to the amount of money the council had been allocated for highway maintenance the cuts were less than those for neighbouring authorities.

“In Calderdale we have tried to ensure that we have stuck to the basics ensuring that we carry out essential maintenance on the highways we have got, rather than seeking funding for big improvement schemes.”