Career hits a high note

Lydia Wyatt
Lydia Wyatt

AFTER a weekend performing alongside a world famous pianist in London it is understandable why Rastrick teenager Lydia Wyatt was walking on air.

Lydia described the experience as one of the most amazing of her life and one she will never forget after she was picked to star alongside famous Chinese pianist, Lang Lang, in a massed piano day at the Royal Festival Hall.

“I wasn’t expecting to be selected,” she said. “But it was just amazing we performed in front of about 500 people. I was really nervous before I went on but at the same time excited.

“We had been practising the three pieces on Saturday and Sunday and then we did the concert on Sunday evening. It was just amazing I have never done anything like that before and didn’t want to go back to school on Monday!”

The 100 pianists joined Lang Lang on stage on 50 grand pianos - two people played on one piano - before they performed.

“You would have thought it was going to sound a bit weird but it sounded amazing. When I got home after the concert it was like I want to do it all again,” said the 13-year-old. “I never dreamed of doing anything like that before.”

And meeting Lang Lang was also part of the experience for the talented musician.

“He was really cool. He wasn’t how I expected. I didn’t really know of him before I did the Lang Lang thing but now I am a really big fan. It was really good to listen to him on stage because we went to a concert of his on the Saturday night.

“This was the first year he has done anything like the massed piano day and I hope he does it again because I would really want to do it again.”

Lydia’s parents, Richard and Helen, and her ten-year-old brother Joe also travelled down to London to watch her perform.