Candidates for council election are announced

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A FULL list of nominations for the Calderdale Council election in May has been announced.

Seventeen seats will be up for grabs on Calderdale Council. Each of the seats is being contested by a Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates and there will be six Green Party candidates.

There are also five independents in the district and one candidate standing as a Trade Unionist and Socialist Againist Cuts.

The British National Party has six candidates and the British People’s Party has one candidate. Sakhar Saghir will contest Park ward as a candidate with no party.

The election will take place on May 5.

Brighouse: *Joyce Cawthra, Independent; Scott Benton, Conservative; Mat Bowles, Liberal Democrat; Ann Martin, Labour.

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe ward: *David Kirton, Conservative; Chris O’Connor, Independent; Jennie Rigg, Liberal Democrat; Anthony Rutherford, Labour.

Rastrick: Adrian Hartshorn, Independent; Peter Judge, Labour; Chris Pillai, Conservative; Nick Yates, Liberal Democrat.

Northowram and Shelf: *Roger Taylor, Conservatives; Simon Gill, British National Party (BNP); Glen Mattock, Liberal Democrats; Gary Walsh, Labour.

In the Elland ward, which covers part of Rastrick: John Ford, Conservatives; Angi Gallagher, Labour; Stella Haigh, Liberal Democrat; Susan Thomas, Green party.

Town: *Tim Swift, Labour; Richard Armstrong, British National Party (BNP); James Baker, Liberal Democrat; Geoffrey Thompson, Conservative.

Warley: Martin Burton, Labour; Beverley Carter, Conservative; Keith Hutson, Liberal Democrat; Paul Wadsworth, British National Party.

Ovenden: Peter Caffrey, Conservative; Katie Gill, British National Party; John Reynolds, Liberal Democrat; *Bryan Smith, Labour.

Park: Shazad Fazal, Liberal Democrat; Naveed Khan, Conservative; Shakar Saghir, no party; Faisal Shoukat, Labour.

Ryburn: Freda Davis, Green party; Judy Gannon, Labour; Malcolm James, Liberal Democrat, *Robert Thornber, Conservative.

Skircoat: Anne Collins, Labour; Charles Gate, Green party; *Stephen Gow, Liberal Democrat; Marcus Thompson, Conservative.

Sowerby Bridge: Dave Draycott, Labour; *Andrew Feather, Conservative; Emma Haldenby, British National Party; Denise Jagger, Liberal Democrat; Vicky Perrin, Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts.

Todmorden: Jayne Booth, Labour; *Olwen Jennings, Liberal Democrat; David Jones, British People’s Party; David O’Neil, Independent; Julie Stansfield, Conservative; Kate Sweeny, Green party.

Illingworth and Mixenden: Kenneth Albret, Liberal Democrat; *Barry Collins, Labour; Sean Loftus, Independent; Jane Shooter, British National Party, Andrew Tagg, Conservative.

Luddenden Foot: John Frederiksen, Liberal Democrat; *Richard Marshall, Conservative; Simon Young, Labour.

Greetland and Stainland: Jim Gallagher, Labour; Mark Mullany, Green party; Sam Stafford, Conservative; *Peter Wardhaugh, Liberal Democrat.

Calder: Stephen Curry, Independent; Gail Lund, Conservative; Alan McDonald, Green party; Hywel Morgan, Liberal Democrat; Dave Young, Labour.