Campaign launched to save bus service

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Angry residents who have been left without a bus service have set up a campaign to get it reinstated.

People living on Whinney Hill Park have been struggling since the 570 service was withdrawn from covering the whole estate just over 12 months ago.

Residents were told 
that the service would be 
re-routed as it once was 
but this guarantee has not been honoured.

Residents have now set up a petition in a bid to make their voices heard.

Their main concern is the fact that many of them have regular appointments at Calderdale Royal Hospital and are having to get three buses to get there.

Les Riach, chair of the 
residents association, said that the bus stop at the 
bottom of Smith House Lane did not even show on the 
tickets so even though people are using the service Metro was not getting an accurate figure in order to review the service.

“The last service according to their ticket system is Waring Green but this isn’t the case.

“So, it can appear that when they look at their figures that no one is using the bus to get to the estate.

“People need to go to 
hospital regularly and there are no buses for them to go on. And then if they do use their cars there is no where to park.”

The residents’ group cannot see a reason why the bus was 
removed in the first place and have lobbied Metro 
several times about the 
issue, including asking one 
of its representatives to 
attend their meetings, 
without success.

There are more than 600 residents on the estate with 350 houses and many of them are elderly.

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said: “A large number of elderly residents from the estate rely upon this service to take them to and from the hospital.

“Since the service was withdrawn in April last year, I have received a number of guarantees from Metro that the service would be eventually restored.

“However, as these have yet to amount to anything, I feel that the time has now come for us as a community to step up our campaign to reinstate this service.”

Councillor Benton will 
be doing a leaflet drop in the area with the petition and they will be available at 
Whinney Hill Community Centre.

The 570 service run by bus operator First is still running from Bradford, via Brighouse, to Rastrick.