Call to catch vandals who destroyed skate park

Fire damaged skateboard Park, Wellholme Park, Brighouse.
Fire damaged skateboard Park, Wellholme Park, Brighouse.

Residents have reacted angrily after a skate park in Brighouse was vandalised and deliberately set on fire.

Vandals destroyed the Wellholme Park recreational area by setting the framework on fire in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Former councillor Colin Stout, who helped organise funding and the building of the ramps and skate area, has called for people to help catch the culprits.

“They have ruined a facility that was so well used. What benefit has it done by destroying it? I can’t understand the mentality of wanting to wilfullly destroy something that gives so many young people pleasure,” he said.

“I hold two concerns. One that someone is very wicked and the other that people are wandering around with gallons of petrol.

“I am going to ask police to put extra patrols in the park to make sure it doesn’t happen again and to find out what these people were doing in the park at 2am, by asking to check CCTV.

“It was a safe and popular place for youngsters to go to. It is a horrible thing that someone has got some pleasure out of denying youngsters in Brighouse this facility.

“Even though we were working to get the skate park replaced, the equipment could have been passed to other parts of Calderdale.”

Firefighters from Brighouse were called to the skate park at approximately 2.30am after reports of flames being spotted.

Tony Roston, Brighouse Fire Station crew commander, said: “It was well alight when we got there.

“There’s only the metal frame left - the plastic coating has been burned off.

“We think they have used some sort of accelerant to get it going.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information about the fire is asked to call police via 101.

Calderdale Council’s head of neighbourhoods, Andrew Pitts, said: “All the fire damaged equipment in the skate park at Wellholme Park in Brighouse has been removed as the severity of the damage meant the area was unsafe. This removal work is now complete and the area has been cleared.

“Over the last few months, Calderdale Council has been working together with the Build a Brighter Brighouse (3Bs) community group to raise funding to redevelop and relocate the old skate park. These plans are still going ahead, and will shortly be submitted to the council’s planning committee.”