By Zumba – they love it!

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A NEW exercise craze that’s sweeping the nation is a big hit in Brighouse.

Zumba classes which claim to put the fun back into exercise, mix salsa, calypso and other latin dance-inspired routines in an hour-long workout designed to improve energy, stamina and flexibility.

It certainly caught the imagination in Brighouse where fans were queuing round the block to attend one of the two classes lastWednesday night.

Fitness trainer Anne Little, said the response had been tremendous. “It was better than we ever imagined. The number of people who turned out to take part in the class was beyond our wildest dream

“The groups were so motivated and up for it they were absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t sleep when I got home because I was on such a high from the classes.

“So many people came along that we had to turn a few away from the first class but we have given them a free entry ticket for the next one. We are even thinking about of putting on another class because of the demand.”

Anne, who is one of only a handful of trained Zumba teachers in the north, said she thought it was for a combination of reasons that the classes were so well attended.

“It’s like attending a party and I think that is why people enjoy it so much,” she said. “It is uplifting and people feel they are on a high. It is just such fun and exhilarating that people want more.”

Anne stresses that it wasn’t a dance lesson and it didn’t matter if people got the steps wrong. “You get a workout without realising it and it is something all age groups can take part in from as young as 16 to people in their 70s.

“Some of the people who we had to turn away from the earlier class stopped for the second and while they waited up on the balcony they were dancing away.

“I have never known both classes at any of the venues fill up on the first night. People are definitely up for it in Brighouse. Every one of them was smiling.”

Anne used to just run classes in the Huddersfield area but found that so many people were travelling to them from Brighouse that she decided to set one up in the town.

“We will have to see how the next few weeks go. Some people might decide it’s not for them but I think we will find others will bring friends,” said Anne.

The two classes are at 6.30pm to 7.30pm and 7.30pm to 8.30pm and admission is £4 on a first come first served basis. Anne said that if the classes continue to be as busy they may consider setting up a booking system.

People taking part are advised to wear comfortable clothing, trainers and bring water to drink. There are no classes next Wednesday - January 26 - but they will resume the following week.