trouble piles up

Uncollected rubbish on Victoria Avenue, Clifton.
Uncollected rubbish on Victoria Avenue, Clifton.

A mum of three says it is disgusting that her bins will not be emptied for a month.

Joanne Radley said her rubbish collection, due on January 21, was cancelled because of the snow and now Calderdale Council has told her they will not be collected for another week.

The waste bins are collected every fortnight which means when they are eventually collected on February 4, it will have been four weeks since they were emptied in Victoria Avenue, Clifton.

“It is disgusting and rubbish is overflowing,” she said. “I don’t know what the council is playing at. People are paying money every week for their taxes and the streets look like something from the dark ages with rubbish flying around everywhere.

“Nearly all of our bins have binbags next to them and with the wind on Monday some of the rubbish was blowing on to peoples drives and they were having to pick it up.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life. It cannot wait another week. There are a lot of families on here and with young children and some of our bins have dirty nappies in. It is going to be a health and safety nightmare.”

And she has been told by friends that it is similar in other areas of Brighouse too. “We have fields at the back of our houses and there is a beck where we have seen rats. The last thing we need is lots of rubbish around that will attract them into our street. Only on Monday I saw a cat ripping through one of the binbags and eating out of it. It is not nice and this is not what we pay our taxes for.”

Mrs Radley added: “We are a family of five and I could do with a second wheelie bin. I have already been to the tip three times because I don’t want bags piling up at the side of the bins.

“It is unacceptable. I understand that they didn’t come up last Monday because of the snow but the day after they were collecting them from Clifton Common so they could have come along to the bottom of our road and collected ours.”

Mrs Radley said she had tried to contact the council but was told there was nothing she could do but the team would be around next week to collect the bins and any excess.

Calderdale Council’s head of Housing, environment and renewal, Mark Thompson said: “Due to last week’s winter weather conditions some collections could not take place and we know that this had led to accumulation of waste.

“Extra bags of waste in addition to those in your bin will be removed on your next scheduled collection, if your house was missed last week.

“All recycling will be picked up this week; however collections are taking longer to complete due to the extra quantity.

“There is no need to contact the Council about missed collections- we are aware of the properties that have been affected, and the problems resulting from this. We are working hard to address the situation and all of our Household Waste Recycling Centres are open.

“The Council and SITA would like to thank residents for their patience, please be assured that normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible.”