Technical solutions for challenging industries

Andrew Bradbury and Frank Buckley at Severn Unival, Brighouse
Andrew Bradbury and Frank Buckley at Severn Unival, Brighouse

A valve engineering firm is establishing a dedicated research and development division to focus on generating advanced technical solutions for challenging industries.

Severn Unival intends to reposition R and D at the heart of its operations with Andrew Bradbury and Frank Buckley as lead engineers.

R and D facilities at the Brighouse site include a technical drawing office and a shop floor laboratory where the team will be able to fast-track the testing of new concepts and prototypes.

Managing Director Colin Findlay says the initiative is an important step in terms of extending and reinforcing the business’ world-class engineering intelligence ethos. “Setting up a team to focus exclusively on R and D will let us maximise our internal knowledge and expertise in a way that brings tangible benefits to our customers’ industries,” he said.

“With excellent facilities and equipment at their disposal, Andrew and Frank will be responsible for keeping Severn Unival at the forefront of valve innovation.”