Son’s big surprise for parents

A couple’s son travelled from the other side of the world to surprise them on their wedding anniversary.

Anthony Smith flew from Michigan in the USA to surprise his parents Audrey and Laurence Smith, of Shannon Close, Rastrick, who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

The couple, unaware that Anthony had planned to visit, were overwhelmed when they went to answer the door last Thursday.

Anthony said only two people knew he was visiting.

“I only flew in at 10am last Thursday and I left 87 degrees back in America,” he said.

“It was hard to talk to them and wish them a happy anniversary and not let the cat out of the bag. But I wanted to surprise them. It was pretty dramatic and my mum filled up.

“I am stopping over until Sunday. I definitely didn’t want to miss their anniversary, it was a big day for them.”

Laurence said it was a superb day and they even received a card from the queen.

The couple met in the cafe at Firth Carpets in Bailiff Bridge and held a 1950’s style open house to help celebrate their anniversary.

They were married on May 16 at Halifax Register Office in 1953.