Shaping the town’s future

The land between Clifton and Brighouse that could be developed for jobs. Mainly in Clifton Common and next to the Holiday Inn
The land between Clifton and Brighouse that could be developed for jobs. Mainly in Clifton Common and next to the Holiday Inn
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A NUMBER of residents have taken advantage of the first workshop to discuss the Local Plan.

The meeting was held at Brighouse High School sixth form and attended by nearly 20 residents who asked questions about the future of Brighouse.

Phil Ratcliffe, development strategy officer for Calderdale Council led the meeting. “It is helpful to understand peoples’ views about where we are going and what we are taking forward,” he said. “The number of people at the meeting showed me just how much interest and why the engagement is important.”

Calderdale has to produce a local plan so there will be no uncontrolled development. If a plan is not put in place there is the potential that houses could be put anywhere, he told the meeting.

“We want to be able to plan the infrastructure and the support development that would go alongside that development,” he said. “If we get a published plan out by this time next year we only have six months of where the threat is potentially there. The Government is saying that we need to have an advanced plan by March 14 next year. We are hoping that they consider a preferred plan that has been returned almost as a draft plan.” The Local Plan is for the future development of the local area. It will identify allocations for new sites such as housing, employment and open spaces and set out policies against which planning applications will be determined.

Calderdale must build 800 houses a year between 2008 and 2029 in order to reach their target of 16,800. There are already 2,483 houses built and planning permission for 2,846. There is also up to 2,562, classed as windfall through unexpected planning applications.

That means land needs to be found for between 8,379 to 10,941 homes. Out of that, 2,100 homes need to be built in Brighouse.

Calderdale also needs to find 98,000 sq metres of land for office work, 35,000sq metres of which will be in Brighouse and out of the 215,000 sq metres for warehouse/industry jobs, 40,000sq metres will be in Brighouse. That is 526 jobs per year that needs to be found throughout Calderdale.

Road improvements could be made in Brighouse as part of the West Yorkshire Transport Fund including a by-pass from Bailiff Bridge up to Huddersfield Road. There could also be improvements to the Caldervale line through Brighouse, improvements at Ainley Top and along the A58 at Stump Cross and Hipperholme.

As part of Kirklees Local Plan improvements could be made at the motorway junctions at Cooper Bridge and one provided at the top of Brighouse towards Huddersfield.

A railway station at Hipperholme could also be included.

People are encouraged to comment on the plans by visiting All the documents can be found at the libraries.