Second chance to retain marquee

The Casa pub in Elland Road, Brighouse
The Casa pub in Elland Road, Brighouse

HOTEL owner Jack McDaid has been given a second chance to retain the marquee for an extra six months.

The application will be heard by Calderdale Council’s planning committee for a second time next Tuesday after it was decided that the decision was not lawfully determined during the committee held on October 23.

At the previous meeting the motion was put forward by Councillor David Hardy to accept the application, which was against the officers recommendation. This was seconded by Councillor Martin Peel and supported by Councillor Martin Burton. But three councillors, Chris Pillai, Stephen Baines and chair Steve Sweeney voted against that proposal with the deciding vote being given by the chair.

But because no vote was taken to accept officers recommendation of refusal the case must be heard again.

This means that if there is a different set of councillors on the committee Mr McDaid could be looking at a completely different outcome.

His agent Roger Lee said they would be able to make their case again. “It is almost like a re-run. We are a bit disappointed with the report that still doesn’t include the noise limitations being put in place. If all the information was included it will save time and gives members more information and the time to digest it,” he said.

“We just have to try and make the case to them and hope they understand why it is crucial he keeps the marquee.”

Mr McDaid took over the business ten years ago and has since developed it into what it is today. “The marquee side is very much a key to the income the hotel generates because of the weddings and the receptions and other charity events and functions that people book it for,” said Mr Lee.

Mr McDaid has planning permission to build a £2 million function suite in replace of the marquee but because it is all self-funded he needs to keep operating the marquee.

“The success of the marquee led to him applying for a permanent building which will cater for the private functions and weddings. It is self-funding so he has to generate enough finance and that is the reason for the marquee, although strictly unauthorised. He has been trying on and off to get permission for it on a temporary basis. He wants it so Calderdale leave him alone to generate the income,” said Mr Lee.

He added that he only wants it for six months so he can get on with building the extension. “It is critical to the success of the business and to the jobs on site and I think that the councillors that voted for it the last time recognised that and the ones that didn’t, didn’t recognise that.”