Recruitment agency seeks maths teachers

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A Brighouse-based recruitment agency has launched a campaign to attract more maths teachers to meet rising demand in the classroom.

Provide Education works with 2,200 teachers helping them to find supply teaching posts - and sometimes permanent jobs - in hundreds of schools across the region.

The company now wants to add 20 per cent more maths teachers to its books to help respond to the increasing number of vacancies in this core subject.

Provide’s campaign reflects a national shortage of maths teachers. Latest government figures show that the number of teacher vacancies in general increased by a third last year.

At the same time, maths has overtaken English as the most popular subject to study at A Level according to the Department for Education and the importance of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) is becoming more widely acknowledged.

Director of Provide Education, Barry Simmons, said: “Maths is an essential subject to be taught to children throughout their school years and demand for talented teachers in this subject is simply outstripping supply.

“We need more qualified people on our books. At the moment, there are more vacancies than available teachers.

“The numbers just don’t add up.

“We’d love to hear from all qualified maths teachers who have perhaps had a break from the profession and are thinking about coming back or, on the other hand, newly qualified teachers keen to get experience at the chalkface.”

The Government is encouraging more graduates to train as maths teachers with a package of measures including a £4,000 payment up-front.