One-stop car finance package launched

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Brighouse-based Accept Car Credit has launch a one-stop-shop car finance package.

The company said the package saved time as it delivered the finance and the car in one.

“In a simple phone call, customers just need to answer a few questions about the car they want and the deposit they have, and the Accept Car Credit team will do the rest,” said company founder George Mulhall.

“Our customers often complain about how hard it is to find a new car at the right price, and they don’t always have the time to travel around the dealerships.

“We’ve always worked closely with our dealer network to ensure our customers are getting the best possible deal.”

ACC said the package comes with a 95 per cent approval rating and is helpful to customers with bad credit ratings.

Since brothers George and Neil Mulhall launched ACC, they have targeted car buyers who have bad credit ratings with affordable, flexible car finance options.

“We want to help customers firstly, find the car that they want, and secondly help them out of the sub-prime lending market by tidying up their credit file.”

ACC is a car finance lender and broker, specialising in credit and lending to customers with bad or poor credit histories and ratings.