Nominate a business or enter yourself

The nominations are coming in thick and fast for the Brighouse Echo Business Awards.

Today is the deadline for people to get their nominations in but entering really couldn’t be easier.

People can nominate their own business or nominate someone they think deserves it. We realise you will not be able to fill in all the details if you are doing it on someone’s behalf but if you could give us as much detail as possible.

There is also the new award this year for Building Industry. This is open to any business with connections to the building industry in Brighouse.

This could be suppliers, builders, plumbing and electrical and architects. The award could be presented to a major development or an individual building professional. If you know someone who would fit the criteria then why not nominate them or encourage them to enter.

Retailer of the year is another prestigious title to have. Brighouse is working flat out to buck the trend and the last year has seen businesses moving into the town and existing ones expanding. This award presents a unique opportunity for readers to say thank you for the valuable service they receive from the businesses who have given a firm vote of confidence in their town.

Other awards include apprentice of the year, business person of the year, business of the year, small to medium business, new business, best for Brighouse and larger business of the year.

There is innovator of the year. Have you created, discovered or invented a new product, process or service and brought it to market then why not enter this award.

It is simple to do, we promise. Visit, click on Brighouse Echo Business Awards, look at the individual criteria for each award and go to nominate.

There you will be asked to supply information for some simple questions such as which award, how many people you employ, and why you should win.

Then press submit. You can also email the information to

The winner of each award will be announced at a glittering ceremony due to be held for the first time at The Holiday Inn, Clifton, on March 7.

Past winners can be entered or enter the awards again.

Anyone with any questions can speak to Michaela Maunders on 01422 260215.