Millers Oils gears up for biggest deal in its history

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Millers Oils has signed the biggest deal in its 127-year history by becoming the chosen lubricant supplier for Caterham Cars.

The partnership, which covers the manufacturer’s road-going and motorsport vehicles, sees the British oil developer provide a range of advanced lubricants including engine and transmission oils.

“Having worked with Millers Oils during the 2014 motorsport season, we are very impressed with the results we have seen and the technical support they provide,” said George Campbell, engineering development manager at Caterham. “Their dedication to research and development is exceptional and we are delighted to be working so closely with them on our road vehicle applications.”

The technical data and feedback from Caterham provides a valuable insight into the performance of the lubricants across a variety of applications, helping to guide Millers Oils’ development programme.

“We’re delighted to develop our technical partnership with Caterham. It’s a great testament to our depth of expertise and product quality,” said Jason Lavender, business development manager for motorsport and classic at Millers Oils.

“Last year we demonstrated our product capacity and performance in a motorsport environment and it is thanks to this that we have built up a great relationship with Caterham.”