Millers keep on eco-trucking

Innovative oil developer, Millers Oils, has taken delivery of some of the UK’s first Euro 6 trucks.

The company has invested more than £200,000 in two new trucks to stay ahead of upcoming emissions regulation changes. The Renault D18s not only meet Euro 6 standards but also feature full height cabs, air conditioning, microwaves and fridges for driver comfort.

“The introduction of some of the UK’s first Euro 6 trucks to our fleet is a great testament to the company’s success over the last year,” said Nevil Hall, joint managing director at Millers Oils. “We’re committed to providing innovative oil technologies to our customers and believe in implementing efficient technologies across all aspects of our business.”

From January 1 2014 all new trucks and buses registered within Europe must be equipped with a Euro 6 certified engine.

The new regulations require significant reductions in tail-pipe emissions along with other operational changes, including a 75 per cent reduction of NOx emissions and 66 per cent reduction of particulate matter compared to Euro 5. The introduction of Euro 6 vehicles to the Millers Oils fleet enables the company to continue delivering products to its customers in Low Emission Zones.