Marquee refused, but panel is split

Wedding and function marquee at Casa, Elland Road, Brighouse.
Wedding and function marquee at Casa, Elland Road, Brighouse.

COUNCILLORS have refused to allow a marquee for six months at a popular business.

Despite no objections from residents and a letter of support from Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse), permission to keep at the Casa in Elland Road, Brighouse, has been refused, a decision some councillors fear will put jobs at risk.

The decision was split evenly, three councillors for and three against but the final decision was taken by chair Councillor Steve Sweeney, who voted against the application.

The committee heard that Environment Health, who were opposed to the application, had been involved with the business since September 2004 about the level of noise. Between May 2011 and January this year there had been ten complaints from three residents. But since January this year there had been no complaints.

They were also told that as part of the requirements of being granted their premises licence last month to sell alcohol and play music, owner Jack McDaid had bought specific equipment for the marquee and noise limitations had been put on to limit the sound to 80 decimals. Both parties said they were happy with the level it had been set at only last week.

Mr McDaid’s agent, Roger Lee, said having the marquee was critical to expanding the business and building the £2 million extension, which is being funded by Mr McDaid. “The constructors are on site and there is a very genuine and clear intention to construct the extension,” he said.

Councillor David Hardy said: “It is a local business that is bucking the trend, as one would say, against the economic climate that we have today. Everyone knows what savings everyone is having to make. I think that asking for a six month extension I would be asking if six months if long enough for him to do what he has to do.

“You take that building away and this business is not as sustainable as it would be. So in my opinion let them get on with it and let them get the extension built.”

Councillor Martin Peel and Councillor Martin Burton both agreed. Coun Burton said he didn’t want to affect the future of the business and voted to permit the application.

Councillor Chris Pillai said he had grave concerns and voted against the application as did Councillors Steve Sweeney and Stephen Baines.

Speaking after the meeting, manager Sam Holmes said: “It is a set back and isn’t what we wanted. We are working closely with the council to resolve it. We are not here to do bad things we are here to grow a business.”