Making their own headlines

Owners Helen Whittaker and Bev Brook (right) outside Hove Edge News
Owners Helen Whittaker and Bev Brook (right) outside Hove Edge News

TWO women have embarked on a new venture at the heart of a Brighouse community.

Helen Whittaker and Bev Brook, who both retired from Brighouse Social Services department, decided they both wanted a new direction in life.

Driving through Hove Edge they noticed the community didn’t have a newsagents to replace Miller’s which closed four years ago.. And after some extensive research the duo decided to open up Hove Edge News in Halifax Road.

Bev said the feedback from people had been great. “We are really pleased with how things are going and people keep coming in and saying they have been wanting a newsagent’s for ages,” she said.

“We are limited at the moment to what we can order but if we don’t have what you want then we will try and get it.

“The newspapers we stock are just flying out of here.

“With our background we know customer service is very important. A lot of our customers know Helen well because she used to live in the community for 20 years,” she added.

The duo who live in Shelf decided there was a need for a new newsagents shop in the area because the closest were at Brighouse and Hipperholme.

“We wanted something that we could both work around our family lives because our parents are quite dependant on us so we didn’t want to work full time,” said Bev.

The two have signed a three-year lease and will be opening from 6.30am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 5pm on Saturday and 8am until 1pm on Sunday.

“We will see how things go. We are getting lots of interest from people and many are becoming regular customers,” said Bev.