Jacob pitches his idea to Dragon Den’s Theo

Andy Bray and Jacob Hill with Richard Reed on BBC3's Be Your Own Boss
Andy Bray and Jacob Hill with Richard Reed on BBC3's Be Your Own Boss

BRIGHOUSE student Jacob Hill has pitched his Lazy Camper idea to Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den.

The 19-year-old came face to face with the tycoon at Huddersfield University as he spoke to a student audience about his camping kit.

“It was nice to be able to tell them what the business is and what we have done over the years,” said Jacob who lives in Waring Green.

“We didn’t get the investment but then again we didn’t ask for one. We did get chance to have lunch with Theo who gave us some advice about how we are running the business. He said we were doing really well with it. He did feel we had rushed into things but I don’t agree with that because we did a lot of research into our target audience and what direction we wanted it to go in.

“Theo was impressed with it especially since me and my business partner Andy Bray are the youngest people on the enterprise development course running a business. He did say we were doing well.”

Jacob is no stranger to stardom. He has already appeared on adverts on ITV2 and pitched the Lazy Camper to Sir Richard Branson. He recently appeared on BBC3’s Be Your Own Boss where he was followed for six weeks to receive an investment from Richard Reed.

During the series Richard is on the hunt for the next generation of start-up superstars with up to a million pounds to invest.

The duo didn’t win the investment, but they still made it to the final and were pleased with the result. “It was really weird being followed for six weeks by cameras especially because we couldn’t tell anyone about it so we just had to keep making up reasons about why they were there,” he said.

“It was a good experience and although we didn’t win we have had lots of calls about investment and job offers. I did make the mistake of putting my mobile number on the website but it is a learning curve. I am getting calls at all times of the day and night but I do try to be nice despite them waking me up.

“The show has shown me that although I thought we were doing quite a lot we can achieve quite a bit more. I was happy with the television coverage which generated lots of orders.”

He said the business had slowed down due to the end of the festival period but he was working on reinventing it ready for next year and bringing out some new ones.