Investing in the town for a bright future

Opening of carpet megastore, George Street, Brighouse.
Opening of carpet megastore, George Street, Brighouse.

Foundations are being laid on Wakefield Road, Brighouse, with businesses on the up moving into new premises and developments in the pipeline.

One of the most recent businesses to start is the carpet and flooring megastore which was given its grand opening by former Huddersfield Town players Kieran O’Regan and Andy Booth. Plans are also in place at Shell Petrol station to be redeveloped with a small convenience store built on site.

Salim Patel from the petrol station said it will be a boost to the area and offer more amenities for the people of Clifton.

“We hope to make the area as attractive as possible as an entrance to Brighouse.

“Brighouse has some fantastic and nice people. There are a variety of businesses and is a really business hub which has a big future.”

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said he has been working with several companies to develop that particular area of the town and bring more investment.

“With the home improvements store and the bathroom company moving into the area along with the carpet place and plans for Shell Garage it’s great to see the area being developed. This will lead to Brighouse becoming an attractive place for investment.”