Further meetings planned for shop

Shila Patel at Patel's Convience Store, Stoney Lane Estate, Lightcliffe.
Shila Patel at Patel's Convience Store, Stoney Lane Estate, Lightcliffe.

A TEMPORARY resolution has been reached between Pennine Housing and residents over a block of shops on their estate.

Pennine has agreed to carry out an assessment on the block of vacant shops and flats which also includes Shila Patel’s Convenience Store on the Stoney Lane estate, Lightcliffe, with a view to drawing up a maintenance plan for the block and the surrounding area.

The meeting was attended by more than 20 residents, two local councillors, Pennine’s head of operations, Stephen Batley and Marjorie Van-De-Gevel, the tenant representative from Pennine Board.

Held at Laburnum Grove Community Centre, the residents agreed that the area was an eyesore and needed something doing with it, but they did not want it knocking down without the promise of a replacement shop, something Pennine couldn’t promise to do at this current time.

A spokeswoman for Pennine said: “It was suggested that they form a smaller working group, to draw up a longer term community regeneration plan for the shops and the wider area working with Pennine Housing, Calderdale Council, and local councillors, to look at the bigger picture in terms of the needs of the area.”

Resident Lily Williams said it was a well attended meeting. “An argument did erupt between the residents and Pennine about what was going to happen with the shops because Pennine said they didn’t know what was going to happen for the next two years.

“Shila wanted to know if they were going to renew her lease in two years time. She just wants to know what is going to happen to her home and her business

“People were more or less happy with how it went but we want to know more details and plans.”

She said people wanted to keep the shop but there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty but that they would be waiting until the next meeting which is scheduled to take place in July.

But residents would be having another meeting before that.