Developers help classic car owners

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Specialist oil developer and producer Millers Oils is helping classic car owners to protect their vehicles from the corrosive effects of the increasing ethanol levels in petrol.

Its VSPe Power Plus is now available in a 500ml multishot bottle, which makes measuring the 50ml needed to treat a 50l tank of petrol easier, and treats up to ten tanks.

The lead-replacement additive prevents valve seat recession, fuel system corrosion and detonation while providing an octane boost, which enables classic owners to get the most out of their vehicles while protecting components from wear and tear.

“Changing legislation has increased the permitted level of ethanol in petrol from five per cent to ten per cent, increasing the effects of corrosion on classic vehicle fuel systems,” said Jason Lavender, business development manager - Motorsport and Classic, Millers Oils.

“By developing and producing classic oil technologies, we aim to enable owners to protect and enjoy their investments at the same time.”