D-Day for hotel’s future

The Casa pub in Elland Road, Brighouse
The Casa pub in Elland Road, Brighouse
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THE future of a large part of the business at the Casa hotel and restaurant rests on the decision at tonight’s licensing meeting.

The popular hotel needs a new licence to sell alcohol and play music but Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Police have objected to the request.

Composite image of Jack McDaid in front of the marquee at Casa Del Lago, Elland Road, Brighouse.

Composite image of Jack McDaid in front of the marquee at Casa Del Lago, Elland Road, Brighouse.

Owner Jack McDaid said he could not understand the reasons behind the objections and would be attending the meeting at Halifax Town Hall to find out why.

The business in Elland Road used to have a premises licence but because it was registered to a part of the company that was dissolved in February 2010 they have been operating without one. The discrepancy was brought to Mr McDaid’s attention in August this year and since then he has applied for six temporary event notices so he can continue trading.

Mr McDaid said: “Every policy directive with both national and local government is to support local business in this economic climate. If Calderdale doesn’t want the Casa as a business in this area they should be quite frank about it. I don’t want to end up with a perception that it is a problem site all the time.

“With a simple site visit to the Casa it would be evident that it is an upmarket family bar and restaurant that is creating a dynamic venue in an excellent location.

“Why would I want to invest £2 million in an environment that is so problematic?”

The licensing sub-committee will be discussing the application tonight, but if the outcome is to refuse Mr McDaid will be appealing because he said it would affect 43 full and part time jobs.

Mr McDaid said he had big plans for the business that he has owned for the past ten years.

Since taking it over he has already done some extensive development including a new outdoor seating area which proved to be extremely popular during the warmer months.

The frontage of the building has also been improved and he is planning to extend the size of the restaurant and provide more space for people to relax and socialise in the bar area.

The objection by Calderdale Council’s planning department says there is an outstanding enforcement notice which requires the removal of the marquee which has not been compiled with.

But the objection itself is based on noise and disturbance which will be generated by the activities. “The marquee offers very little sound insulation and activities can take place outside the marquee. There are residential properties in close proximity who will suffer noise and disturbance from the activities,” it says.

West Yorkshire Police has also objected to the application on the grounds of the prevention of public nuisance. The objection says there has been one complaint from a nearby resident who is frequently disturbed by music and fireworks into the early hours of the morning, even to the point of being able to hear the words of songs being played.

The venue is often used for weddings and charity fund-raisers.