Climbers want an end to their crossing nightmare

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MORE than 800 people have signed a petition asking Calderdale Council to end their crossing nightmare.

People of all ages are dicing with death as they attempt to cross Briggate to attend sessions at one of Brighouse’s most successful businesses, Rokt (see page 12 opposite).

The climbing gym, established two years ago, doesn’t have its own car park in Mill Royd Street and visitors are using Daisy Street car park on the opposite side of the road.

Louise Mortimer, community and business development manager at Rokt, said she had asked the council for the crossing when they first opened but was instantly told no. “We have a children’s club from ages five to 16. Youngsters at that in-between age from about 12 upwards could walk to us on their own on a summer’s evening.

“But parents are stopping them walking down on their own because of the road. It’s preventing children from having that freedom. Even for us it can be a problem. We use Hartley’s bakery for the food for our parties and sometimes we can be stood there with our arms full of stuff for about ten minutes. A simple crossing would be so much easier.”

She said that since the business had opened the use of Daisy Street car park had increased with not only parents but schools and clubs.

“There is nowhere for people to park here because we are still have a lot of building work going on,” said Louise.

“So they are using that car park. We get people from all over including London and Newcastle and this has got to be the worst climbing wall to get in to.

“This crossing is the only thing we need. Everything else we can do ourselves.”

She said they had the support from businesses in the town centre and they were planning to work closely with them in the future. And they had plans for the silo’s on the opposite side of Mill Royd Street. Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) said Rokt was going from strength to strength and the council needed to support it.

“The way the business has taken off the council really needs to support it. Nothing has happened on that site for nearly ten to 15 years and whenever I spoke to people there was a constant case of frustration.

“But this business is going from strength to strength and the council needs to support you and improve the infrastructure so that you can develop further.” He said the amount of signatures on the petition showed the strength of feeling and that with more emphasis being put on local businesses it is something the council should consider.

He also said that people who live in Rastrick had problems getting across the road.

Councillor Benton will hand in the petition on behalf of Rokt to councillors at full council on Wednesday, February 13.