Charity reaches out to help those needing debt advice

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Christmas, the happiest season of the year for many families, is also a time of stress and anxiety for those struggling with debt or financial hardship.

The Turning Point Counselling Service in Brighouse set up its Debt Advice Centre in 2012 to help people deal with their problems. And its doors are open in the countdown to Christmas for those who feel their finances are out of control.

The Rev Louise Armitage, chair of trustees of the charity, said: “The downturn in the economy was bound to have severe repercussions for families. A recent estimate says that 9 million people in Britain will be in deep debt this Christmas.

“At Turning Point we are keenly aware of the stress put on individuals and households by the excesses of Christmas as it is celebrated by many.

“We are affiliated to Money Advice UK and have trained advisers to enable people deal with their problems. If people feel they have lost control of their finances and are going under, our debt advisers will work them to tackle their debt.”

The counselling service also helps those who are feeling stressed, anxious or suffering from the loss of a loved one or the breakdown of a relationship.

For those needing free debt advice contact 07874 240741 in office hours to make an appointment.

For the Turning Point Counselling Service contact 07718 218 700.